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Kickstart Services

[LEGACY - until July 31st] "Just the Essentials" New Team Implementation | Asana Kickstart Services & Products (2-week sprint)

Work will begin approximately 3 weeks from date of payment (or later if you choose). This gives us time to set aside work capacity to be able to support you.

IMPORTANT: If you instead opt for a "Full-Service Implementation", you'll need to reserve a start date, which usually requires a longer waiting period (since we dedicate far more resources to full-service implementations).


Asana Kickstart Essentials includes all the essential tools, resources, and training you need for a quick initial setup and expert guidance on your first buildouts of your project templates and processes. 

NOTE: This package is best-fit for teams that want expert support for getting started, and the guidance and resources for how to lead a successful implementation led and executed by a member of your team.
  • If your team does not have someone with the capacity and readiness to be your internal Asana implementation lead, the "Full-Service Asana Kickstart Implementation" might be a better fit, as it's built to provide you hands-on support during your entire initial implementation.
  • If your team is already using Asana frequently, and you are looking for help optimizing and improving your Asana implementation, you might be more interested in a Service-Hours Bundle to get fully custom help with anything you'd like to focus on.


ASANA KICKSTART ESSENTIALS: The essentials of a 4-stage implementation for each team (Plan, Build, Train, Support), delivered in a 2-week sprint.
NOTE: # of teams can be selected on the pricing toggle below

  • Project/Process Worksheet
  • Initial Account Setup: Teams, Goals, Portfolios, Starter Project/Process Templates
  • Project/Process Buildouts: 1 Done-With-You Buildout (more available as add-ons)
  • Team Workload Dashboard
  • Asana Basics
  • Asana Daily Routines
  • Asana Builder Training (on Project/Process Buildout)
  • Asana Kickstart Help Hub (2 months)
  • 2 weeks of Unlimited Inbox Q&A
  • Recordings of the trainings


NOTE: 10% discount for anything added to initial purchase (service-desk pricing). Also, many add-ons below are included in the Full-Service Implementation package
  • (Add-on) Extra Project/Process Buildouts
  • (Add-on) Custom Topics Trainings: Reporting, Rule Automations, Sustainable Support
  • (Add-on) External Integrations/Automations
  • (Add-on) Asana Admin & Maintenance Training
  • (Add-on) Implementation Planning
  • (Add-on) Ongoing Support Package (Quarterly or Annual)
  • Schedule the dates for team trainings and working sessions.
ESTIMATED DELIVERY TIMELINE: Can be scheduled to start as early as 1-2 weeks from payment. The 4 compact stages of an Asana Kickstart Essentials team rollout are usually scheduled over a 2-week period. We can support up to 2 team rollouts at a time. So, a 4-team rollout would be 2 consecutive implementation waves of 2 teams each.

TEAM SIZE: To provide proper support, we split large teams into cohorts of no more than 15 employees. Please ensure you select the correct number of cohorts to fit the size of your team or department. This service package is built for a team or department rollout. 
For example, if you have a team of 5 people (HR, for example) and a team of 26 people (Marketing), you will need at least a 3-team/cohort implementation. 1 cohort for HR, and 2 cohorts for Marketing. Please ask for clarification about your specific org structure to make sure you are signing up for the right number of cohorts to match the deliverables you are looking for.

SCOPE OF IMPLEMENTATION: This service package is intended to provide a more affordable way to start your Asana implementation with expert guidance on a smaller budget. This package is only intended for teams with strong internal team members with the competency and time to lead the remaining implementation after the training of the initial work sprint with Bryan and team.

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