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Request Management w/ Forms | Asana Kickstart Training Series

Interactive training to teach your team how to use Asana forms to standardize request intake, request management, and execution and delivery of fulfilled requests.

Training (90 mins):
  • Learn from example common use cases of form-based request intake and the whole request management process
  • Get hands-on experience building a sample intake process and the request management workflow. 
  • Discuss types of tasks that are a best fit for this type of process and choose one to start with
  • Set up the initial structure together
  • Customize dashboard charts to support request oversight and process management
  • Q&A

Help resources:

  • Recording of the training
  • Asana starter project templates
  • Schedule the team training date(s) 
ESTIMATED TURNAROUND TIME: Can be scheduled as early as 1-2 weeks from payment.

This training is intended for team members who are familiar with the basics of Asana or who have been through the Basics of Asana training from Asana Kickstart.
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