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Kickstart Services

Managed Automations & Integrations (w/ unlimited maintenance & monitoring)

Some automations are built with Make/Integromat, some with Zapier, others with Unito, Project Buddy, ZZBots, Pabbly, Integrately, or one of our 10+ other supported automation/integration platforms.

Instead of setting up and maintaining subscriptions to several different automation/integration platforms, and monitoring & fixing your own automations or paying full Kickstart service-hour rates for fixes, this subscription is for us to manage your automations within our accounts.

Here's what's included:

  • Hosted automations (meaning we cover the cost of all your automations & integrations subscriptions, included free)
  • Uptime Monitoring (if it goes down, we'll investigate and resolve for you)
  • Error Maintenance (if our automation breaks, we'll fix it for free)
  • Compatibility Updates (when Asana feature updates cause your automations to break, we'll update your automations for free)

What's included: Our Managed Automations/Integrations help you avoid the cost of subscriptions to any/all automation platforms and include unlimited monitoring and maintenance, starting at less than the cost of a single service-hour w/ Bryan.
Alternative options: If you prefer, you can opt to pay your own automation subscriptions to the necessary platforms and just reach out to us at our regular hourly rates ($280/hr) when there are errors or maintenance issues.

Adding to or changing your automations is not included and is still billed at our hourly rates. Unlimited maintenance and monitoring is defined as any breakages or performance issues with automations that were built and tested properly and are malfunctioning for any reason.

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