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z(*LEGACY - UNTIL JULY 31st, 2024) (Full-Service) Asana Implementation Lead, New Team Implementations | Asana Kickstart Services & Products v2.4.1

⏳START DATE: Reserve ahead of time, or get assigned upon payment:

  • (Optional): Make a deposit to Reserve Your Implementation Start Date

  • The down payment to reserve a start date is optional. If you choose to not reserve your start date, you'll be assigned the next available start date once when we receive your payment.
  • We accept one new implementation every 3 weeks.


    3-5 calendar days


    24 to 29 calendar days (about 3.5 to 4 weeks)

    *Wait times are updated weekly based on workload.

    Bryan will take on the role of full-service implementation lead as a temporary part of your team during the course of your initial Asana implementation. 

      NOTE: This package is best-fit for teams that want a robust, expert implementation but do not have a person with the capacity or readiness to be the internal Asana implementation lead.
      • If your team does have someone with the capacity and readiness to be your internal Asana implementation lead, the "(Guided) New Team Implementations" service package will allow you to implement at a lower cost and build internal sustainability faster.
      • If your team is already using Asana frequently, and you are looking for help optimizing and improving your Asana implementation, you might be more interested in a Service-Hours Bundle to get fully custom help with anything you'd like to focus on.


      LEAD: Full Asana Implementation Management
      • Implementation Plan w/ timeline & milestones
      • Weekly Progress Reporting (adoption, team workload, risk management)
      • All team communication re: Asana (either directly, or via customized templates, as needed)


      • Account Structure Buildout (Teams, Projects, Portfolios, Reports, Goals)

      TEAM ROLL-OUTS: Full 4-stage implementation for each team (Plan, Build, Train, Support) (NOTE: # of teams can be selected on the pricing toggle below)

      STAGE 1: PLAN
      • Team Priorities Scoping and Timeline session
      • Team-wide Announcement
      • Team Work Profiles survey
      • Pre-training orientation video
      • Asana Basics
      • Workflow 1: Lead the Build, Dry Run, and Rollout
      • Workflow 2: Lead the Build, Dry Run, and Rollout
      • Workflow 3: Coach/Review the Build, Dry Run, and Rollout
      • Asana Daily Routines training
      • Buildout of Reporting Dashboard for Team Leadership
      • Two (2) Office Hours Sessions
      • Two (2) Custom Individual or Group Sessions
      • Asana Tips weekly auto-coaching
      • Asana Champions training
      • Unlimited Inbox Support: 3 months
      • Support and Growth Planning session


        • SOP Documentation (org-wide and team-level) for Asana best practices


        • Dashboard for each team lead
        • Dashboard for each executive role

        ADMIN: Asana Admin Training and Documentation:

        • Asana user management management (during implementation) and training (for post-implementation sustainability)
        • Scheduled Asana account maintenance (during implementation) and training (for post-implementation sustainability)


        • Strategic plan for the 6-12 months following our implementation

        Help resources:

        • Recordings of the trainings
        • Asana starter templates for temporary projects, ongoing processes, meeting logs, and general task trackers.
        YOUR WORK:
        • Schedule the dates for team trainings and working sessions.
        ESTIMATED DELIVERY TIMELINE: Can be scheduled to start as early as 1-2 weeks from payment. The 4 stages of a team rollout are usually scheduled over a 6-8 week period, but can be delivered as quickly as 3 weeks, depending on your team's scheduling availability. We can support up to 2 team rollouts at a time. So, a 4-team rollout would be 2 consecutive implementation waves of 2 teams each.

        TEAM SIZE: To provide proper support, we split large teams into cohorts of no more than 15 employees. Please ensure you select the correct number of cohorts to fit the size of your team or department. This service package is built for a team or department rollout. 
        For example, if you have a team of 5 people (HR, for example) and a team of 26 people (Marketing), you will need at least a 3-team/cohort implementation. 1 cohort for HR, and 2 cohorts for Marketing. Please ask for clarification about your specific org structure to make sure you are signing up for the right number of cohorts to match the deliverables you are looking for.

        SCOPE OF IMPLEMENTATION: This service package is intended to train and equip the team with moderate proficiency in Asana, customized templates for 2 team workflows (projects and/or processes) with up to 2 rounds of revision before "go-live" (more workflow buildouts available separately), and a sustainable structure for ongoing support and growth. However, please note that Asana offers enormous growth potential, and the Team Rollout package is not intended to cover every possibility. As part of the final session with team leadership, we'll outline some ideas and support options for how your teamwork strategy can continue to grow over the next 6-12 months.

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