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[LEGACY - Until July 31st] Asana Audit - Lite

A general review of your team's Asana structure and practices (teams, projects, tasks, user activity, portfolios, Asana goals, reporting dashboards, custom fields, rules, and saved searches) followed by custom recommendations.

šŸŸ”IMPORTANT:Ā This is a very lite version of the our Asana Audit process. For a full account audit, including userĀ interviews, a team-wide user survey, user analytics, and a thorough review of every project, take a look at "Asana Audit - Full".
  • General account audit of a representative sampling of each type of project across each included dept/team.
  • Custom recommendations, organized in an Asana project layout for easy planning and execution
  • Review meeting (audit and recommendations)
  • (Optional) Best Practices and How-To videos from the Asana Kickstart Training Video Library, custom to the recommendations from your Asana Audit.
  • Provide admin access to your Asana account
  • Select a representative sample of Asana projects across the team(s) (we can help you with this)
ESTIMATED TURNAROUND TIME:Ā 5-7 days per 50 users

This service package isĀ a generalĀ audit of how your team is using Asana, and is followed by a general report of recommendations with a live review meeting and Q&A. You can then either work the recommendations on your own, or you can engage us with a service-hours package for help implementing any of the recommendations you'd like assistance with. However, implementation is not included in this Audit service package.
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