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[LEGACY - Until July 31st] Asana Audit - Full

A thorough review of your team's Asana structure and practices (teams, projects, tasks, user activity, portfolios, Asana goals, reporting dashboards, custom fields, rules, and saved searches) followed by custom recommendations. This can also be used to audit the way your team is currently managing work in another platform to help prepare for an Asana migration.

🟡IMPORTANT: This is a very time-intensive service because we conduct interviews, a survey, user analytics, and a thorough review of every project. If you'd prefer a lower-cost option with a general account review, consider "Asana Audit - Lite".
  • Complete Asana account Audit
  • User interviews (10-15% sample of your Asana users)
  • User survey (100% of your Asana users)
  • Custom recommendations, organized in an Asana project layout for easy planning and execution
  • Review meeting (audit, interviews, survey results, and recommendations)
  • (Optional) Best Practices and How-To videos from the Asana Kickstart Training Video Library, custom to the recommendations from your Asana Audit.
  • Provide admin access to your Asana account
  • Select a representative sample of Asana users across the team (we can help you with this)
ESTIMATED TURNAROUND TIME: 1-2 weeks per 50 users

This service package is a deep and thorough audit of how your team is using Asana, and is followed by a detailed report of recommendations with a live review meeting and Q&A. You can then either work the recommendations on your own, or you can engage us with a service-hours package for help implementing any of the recommendations you'd like assistance with. However, implementation is not included in this Audit service package.
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