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Kickstart Services

Detailed Discovery and Scoping Sessions

This is a guided discovery and scoping session to outline and itemize requested deliverables, with a work plan and cost estimates. 
This session bundle serves two purposes:
  1. to provide detailed clarity on time and resources needed for execution of a project
  2. to provide a detailed plan you and your team can use to determine which steps you'd like to delegate to us, do yourselves, or delegate to any other expert
NOTE: If you are looking for a full account audit (which includes a thorough discovery process and an investigation and detailed report on your Asana usage), you may want to consider either Asana Audit Lite or Asana Audit Full.

  • Guided discovery meeting to detail out the work to accomplish team/org goals and outcomes (90-120 mins)
  • Follow-up deliverable: Work plan with cost estimates
  • Follow-up deliverable: Work plan outlined in an Asana project, ready for execution
  • Review call w/ Q&A (30 mins)
    • Schedule the discovery/scoping session call
    ESTIMATED TURNAROUND TIME: Can be scheduled as early as 1-2 weeks from payment.

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