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Hosted Automations & Integrations Account Bundle

This service is to pay for the system to continuously run your automations. It does not include error maintenance and monitoring. For the all-inclusive version that comes with unlimited error maintenance and monitoring, Managed Automations & Integrations (w/ unlimited maintenance & monitoring)

Some automations are built with Make/Integromat, some with Zapier, others with Unito, Project Buddy, ZZBots, Pabbly, Integrately, or one of our 10+ other supported automation/integration platforms.

Instead of setting up and paying for subscriptions to several different automation/integration platforms, this subscription is a bundle account, meaning we'll just host your automations inside our business/enterprise accounts to get you better rates and more robust features that are not available on smaller independent accounts.

Here's what's included:

  • Hosted automations (meaning we cover the cost of all your automations & integrations subscriptions, included with no extra hosting charges)

Benefits: Purchasing a Hosted Automations & Integrations Account Bundle through us saves you the hassle of setting up 3 or 4 different automations platforms and the cost and limitations of owning several different entry-level accounts. We're able to provide better rates and premium features that are usually only available on larger accounts. 
What's not included: This purchase does not include maintenance. If there are issues with your automation, we are happy to help, but it will be at our regular hourly rates ($280/hr). If you'd prefer to have unlimited maintenance, uptime monitoring, and compatibility updates included, please consider our other service: Managed Automations & Integrations (w/ unlimited maintenance & monitoring)
Alternative options: If you prefer, you can opt to pay your own automation subscriptions to the necessary platforms and just reach out to us at our regular hourly rates ($280/hr) when there are errors or maintenance issues.

Adding to or changing your automations is any bundle included and is still billed at our hourly rates.

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